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Due to the circumstances of the pandemic we guarantee our customers that every car is clean and safe according to the guidelines. We want to minimize any risk and ensure your health.



We are the number one self catering villas and apartments provider. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay our properties surely are what you need! All of our properties are beautifully crafted and very well preserved. You can choose between a big number of villas with private swimming pools or beach front apartments and benefit from the numerous amenities and facilities that are offered. We promise you a luxurious memorable stay at the best possible prices!

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Rhodes Experiences

Make the most out of your holidays by exploring and experiencing hidden aspects and activities of our beautiful island! You’ll have a unique opportunity to meet local people and savor a real experience of getting to know this enchanting area. You can try numerous activities or services such as boat trips to hidden beaches, massage, local food tasting, yoga sessions, water sports, baggy safaris, off road trips, guide tours etc.

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